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Matariki Pixel Art

This week for Cybersmart we were making a pixel art for matariki we made a star that represents matariki after we draw our star we go onto the chart & write the number of how many colours we used on the star I use 120 black & 34 yellow this is my Matariki pixel art. HERE IS MY WORK.

Our Favourite Food

This week for cybersmart we were working on what my favourite food is my favourite food is a BURGER I like burger because I like the ingredients in them they are so yummy while I am writing it I want one right now i burgers from Mc Donalds they are so well made i like how they make them they have a lot of details in them.

Using Your Webcam

Today, we’re going to have some fun with your Chromebook webcam! We’ll learn a cool trick called the “Rule of Thirds” to make our photos look awesome. After that, we’ll get creative and make our own emojis using the gif function. How cool is that? Once we’re done, we’ll share the images we’ve made on your blog! Ready to snap some great pics and make awesome emojis? Let’s do this!


This week for Cybersmart we’ve been doing bookmarks on our chromebooks since it’s the new year we need to restart our old bookmarks & put our new bookmarks in let me show you my work.

First,We went to go & get our chromebooks & we did the work on the mat with everyone the first question was (Which student has the appropriate bookmarks). Student 1,Student 2 or Student 3 look at the bookmarks carefuly student 3 has the most appropriate bookmarks you had to write it down which student & explain why.

Next,Everybody knows what they are doing we went to our tables & finish off our work & then put it into the mahi tracker. If you don’t know what’s the mahi tracker if you been in LS1 last year it will be simallar to the must do list & f you were in Miss Tele’a group it will be like the hand it in sheet.

Lastly, I was done with the bookmark work & then put it in the mahi tracker & then Miss Tele’a said you have to do 2 blogs on your blog so if i was already finished with the bookmarks well then i will just blog them now i put the slides on the new post & started writing my caption a little while later i was done & publish it to my blog & link it to my mahi tracker.

Samoan Superhero

This week we were doing Summer Learning Journey

First Miss Tele’a said we suppose to do this yesterday but it fine Miss Tele’a explain what we were doing it look pretty fun so she sent us off to get our chromebooks & then we started our fun activity i went on google docs to write the stuff down that i want my superhero to be i went on crayon.com & put the stuuf in it came with some cool photos.

Next i click the photo i wanted downloaded it & then started writing the stuuf about i was writing the stuff down i was done because i really want to get some cool prizes & i hope we come 1st place we do this every year i finished writing the stuuf & started blogging it onto my blog i wrote down the stuuf then published it.

Laslty i published it & then link it onto my must do list.

I enjoyed doing the task for the Summer Learning Journey

I need to work on adding more details

Film Festival

This week all the schools that are with Manaiakalani went to Hoyts movies for an exciting experience,  we all matched lots of movies made by us kids.

The first thing we did was split off into our A and B groups so we could pick up our buddy from their class room. My buddy was a very energetic boy, he loved to hop on one foot and he liked to smell my hand because I had the smell of noodles on me.

Our next task was to walk (holding our buddys hand) to the bus, the bus was at the end of the feild so we had to walk a small distance. once we got in the bus we drove all the was over to sylvia park I got the window seat so I was in a good mood. I also sat next to my buddy so I was holding his hand the whole drive through.

Once we got to  sylvia park we got into lines and started to walk to Hoyts. I had to hold my buddies and so he wouldn’t run away. When we got to Hoyts it took a little while for my seat to be comformed because we had to become three in a seat.

Finaly I watched most of the movies in a two seater with three people squashed.

My favourite movie was school lunches made by LS2 class!

Reuse & Attribute An Image

This week for cybersmart we were learning about Reuse Attribute An Image

First Mrs Mclain gave us an example of what to do & then sent us off me & Hasna started helping each other because we were kinda getting stuck.

Next i was on my last slide by doing the image part i was done & showed Mrs Mclain & then i started bloggin & then i started writing my blog caption.

Lastly i was done & put it into my Cybersmart folder & then posted it onto my blog & then link it to the must do list.

I enjoyed doing the image part that was really hard but fun

I need work at knowing my license type

Happy Halloween

This week I did something fun. I made a google drawing about HALLAWEEN the scrayiest day of the year. I also designed a creepy face for halloween.

Halloween is about having fun and celebrating the dead. Halloween began as a pagan holiday celebrating the lives of those who had passed. But for us kids Halloween is about trick or treating, it is where you knock on someone’s door and say “trick or treat” and they’ll give you candy or other sweats. Sadly I did not go trick or treating this year for other reasons.

Smart Surfing

This week for Cybersmart we were learning about going onto the right appropriate sites to go on at home & at school

First Miss White was explaning what work we have to do before we have to go off & get our chromebooks & do our work.

Next I was half way there to finishing my work & keeped on woring on it so i can blog it finally i finish it & started blogging & writing my words done.

Lastly I was done & showing Miss White my blog post

I enjoyed doing the work because it was so short & get done easily

I need work on adding more details onto my blog post