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Smart Surfing

This week for Cybersmart we were learning about going onto the right appropriate sites to go on at home & at school

First Miss White was explaning what work we have to do before we have to go off & get our chromebooks & do our work.

Next I was half way there to finishing my work & keeped on woring on it so i can blog it finally i finish it & started blogging & writing my words done.

Lastly I was done & showing Miss White my blog post

I enjoyed doing the work because it was so short & get done easily

I need work on adding more details onto my blog post

Think Smart

This for Cybersmart we were learning about being smart & making choices for you attitude

First we were talking about people to being mean to us online & make sure you be smart about your choices & then i was half way there to finishing my work.

Next i was done with the work of being smart & then i showed Miss White my work & i get to blog it onto my blog post & started blogging it.

Last i was done blogging it & i going to be careful online & remeber to be smart.

I enjoyed doing the writing & putting in the pictures

I need work on adding more details into my blog post


Right Place Right Time

This week we were learnig about inapropriete times we can go on chromebooks or be at the park.

First Miss Tele’a was telling what to do for cybersmart and she was telling us off because there has been fights and drama coming from our class and we need this work to help us stop.

Next i was talking to marcel about our work and he kinda help me but i did the rest of it.

Lastly i finish it and started blogging it and Miss Tele’a said if your finish with it you can go to Work Space 2.

I enjoyed doing the task.

I need work on adding more details.

I did well at doing a blog post.

Duffy Needs Space

Today PBS gets to go in the hall and watch Duffy.

First Duffy was reading a book in the soylar system while he was reading he was eating space noodles at the same time.

Next Stuffy his cousin came over because his mum and dad had to go to a wedding it was bed time duffy and stuffy we sleeping in seprate rooms but then stuffy came into his room and was telling him he hates sleeping in a room by his self so he asked if he can sleeping duffy room and slept in the same bed because that was the only choice to.

Finally Duffy woked up and saw this portal that leads to another planet he met aliens who tried to learn how to speak his language and they finally did it so duffy wanted to get back to his planet so the aliens help him find a portal tp get back to earth he went through millions until he finds the write one and stuffy was still sleeping so he was so lucky stuffy didn’t saw the portal.

I enjoyed when he was going into the portals.

I need to improve on making my sentences sense.