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How Much Fun I Had At The Interschools Athletics

Hello Guys Amorangi Here, Last year some of the students at Panmure Bridge School went to the interschools athletics & had a awesome time there we saw some schools like (Pt England,Glen Taylor, Glen Brae & More) we got to meet some of our friends from different school & some people from our old schools we had so much fun together my favourite one that I did out of ( Discus, Shotput, High Jump, Long Jump & Sprints). My favourite one was Sprints because it was so much fun running probably not for some people because it’s so tiring but it’s good to have some excercise a little bit.

Going To The City

This week I went to the city here in Auckland I was having a fun time spending with my family & friends & it was pretty cold so I brought a warm cosy coat with me just in case I stay there until night the most fun part I was doing there was going out eating some delicious food the food I was eating was McDonald’s it was so yummy that McDonald’s always make me happy when I eat something from there & we went to look around the city like we saw some people singing & we went into some cool stores we had so much fun I hope we can do this again.

Using Your Webcam

Today, we’re going to have some fun with your Chromebook webcam! We’ll learn a cool trick called the “Rule of Thirds” to make our photos look awesome. After that, we’ll get creative and make our own emojis using the gif function. How cool is that? Once we’re done, we’ll share the images we’ve made on your blog! Ready to snap some great pics and make awesome emojis? Let’s do this!

Special Delivery

Amorangi Special Delivery

In the morning

Amorangi,Students & Miss Tele’a

Panmure Bridge School

What’s in the box

In the morning at Panmure Bridge School the students were coming down the stairs & going to class until they saw a mystery box inside the classroom they were wondering what’s inside of the box, when they saw Miss Tele’s coming to the classroom they asked her ( Miss Tele’a there is a mystery box inside class that has not been open). Miss Tele’a turned the box around & saw that it was for her & LS1 so she thought we can all predict what’s inside the box before we cut it open & look for ourselves. For my guess I thought it was a huge pile of food because the class is always hungry & it is almost the end of Term 1 going on to Term 2 so whatever is on the box we are going to use this for Term 2 inquiry. 
For the moment we have all been waiting for Miss Tele’a started untying the box & taking the tape off it to you can hear the tape slowly getting off the box & seeing some of the cardboard sticking onto the tape when we finally opened it we saw a lot of yummy delicious food like McDonalds,Burger King,Wendys & Dennys the whole class started smiling i was even licking the base of my lips we all can’t wait to eat all the yummy food.
We all ate it & we were all full from the food in the box yummy yum.

After we all ate the yummy food we all want to have this again & again until we get very really full but we hope we can experience this again hopefully.

We all learn why we ate the food because we all need to learn to share stuff like whiteboard markers, even rubbers we all need to learn how to share stuff & work together to help each other too.


Amorangi & Sila ANZAC Kupu

ANZAC is important because we have to wake up early in the morning to go to the dawn service to respect the soldiers who have passed on to save our country they died for us so we can end the war & don’t have a fight with other countries we are all want to have peace we all don’t want to have another fight & having more people die just to save our lives on the line we have to respect them because they died for us. The dawn service is where someone talks & we stay outside until daylight because i think thats how long they fighted with the other countries cause their always prepared if they come & attacked where there staying some people stay up so some of them can have a rest so the people can wake the soldiers up so they can fight for our country. It’s so important to respect the army & the soldiers who have past on remember they died so we can live if we were in the war we would do the same thing to protect New Zealand & the elders who are sick we don’t want them to die so we have to say thank you to them if you want you can the the poppy & put it to the family member who was in the war. We have to respect them the died for our lives thank you the soldiers who are up in heaven for saving our lives we thank you for dying for us & our countries thank you so much we appreciate it thank you bless you & where your at now we hope we can see you up there with god having the time of your lifes up there thank you so much.

Maungarei Hikoi Recount

On Tuesday the 18th, Panmure Bridge School went up Mt Wellington Mountain  to learn different parts of the mountain & the story of Maungarei. We started walking up the mountain we took funny photos & some videos of us saying for example ( Hi my name is Amorangi & this is me before the walk) but when we got to the top we all took a nice long break but we were still half way until we hit the real top of the mountain we started walking up & Miss Tele’a told us that the maori people hides near the to see if there are any enemy coming we got to the summit & this old man tells the story of Maungarei. I felt tired but happy to go on a school trip with my friends & Panmure Bridge School.

Being Friendly & Inclusive

This week for Bounce Back and PB4L, we have been discussing what it means to be friendly and inclusive.  We talked about how we can do a better job at making sure we are all including everyone.  For our task we had to show the things to be inclusive & kind to other people even if you don’t know them.


Buoyancy Challenge

Design and build a boat using popsicle stick to achieve a specific function.

In Week 4 we were creating boats with materials that float in water. We could work by ourselves or we can partner up I worked with Vaingalo & Eneasi. We were working so hard to make the boat float & sussed the competition.

We planned it on the chromebook first so we can see what we can work with if we didn’t have what we wanted on our chromebook. Our plan was to get like 7 or 6 popsicle sticks & then glue it togethers. Get one more popsicle stick & a rubber band & rap it around the tea bag to make it stand.

Our materials for the buoyancy challenge was popsicle sticks, craft glue, rubber band, straws & a tea bag. We did this on Thursday so the next day we could put it in the water. On Friday, we tested our boats. I was the first one to test the boats in the water.  I got scared that it was going to sink because we put too much stuff on our boats.

But when we saw it was 10 seconds left Miss Tele’a shook the table to see which tea bag will get wet.  We left it for Friday so the glue can dry out for a little bit. We were so scared if our boat would sink.  Our heart was safe when the timer was over & our tea bag was dried.


Some of the class boats float but we didn’t want to eat in front of them so they got a fruit burst as well.  We all ate it together with enjoyment.  I think we did good and well but I need to work on getting better on my making skills.


Beyond The Reef

Practicing reading comprehension skills with informational text.

This week my reading group started reading the text Beyond The Reef. Our focus is on practicing different reading comprehension skills.  Our story was about a boy waiting for the mens building the boat so they can leave the village & go find a new place to live. After we read together, we completed our response to text slides.