Samoan Superhero

This week we were doing Summer Learning Journey

First Miss Tele’a said we suppose to do this yesterday but it fine Miss Tele’a explain what we were doing it look pretty fun so she sent us off to get our chromebooks & then we started our fun activity i went on google docs to write the stuff down that i want my superhero to be i went on & put the stuuf in it came with some cool photos.

Next i click the photo i wanted downloaded it & then started writing the stuuf about i was writing the stuff down i was done because i really want to get some cool prizes & i hope we come 1st place we do this every year i finished writing the stuuf & started blogging it onto my blog i wrote down the stuuf then published it.

Laslty i published it & then link it onto my must do list.

I enjoyed doing the task for the Summer Learning Journey

I need to work on adding more details

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