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This week we have been learning about sharks

First Miss Tele’a gave us an example for each slide & we went off to get our chromebook & start our work

Next i was almost done finishing my work & i get to finish it & then i showed Miss Tele’a & she said i can blog it

Lastly i was done writing my blog & published

I enjoyed doing the word search

I need work on adding details to my blog

How does water goes to a tap ?

This week we were learning about how dos water get to a tap ?

First Miss Tele’a was giving us an xample for what to do then & was starting on it & then i was halfway there to finish it

Next & i showed Miss & then she said i can blog it & then i was starting blogging it & then i blogged it & then post it onto my must do & my blog to

Lastly i was done & then i telled Miss Tele’a what i can do & then she said i can do can do’s or legends of learning

Response To Text

This week we were learning about this book called The bright family it’s on epic books & you should read it

First Miss Tele’a gave us an example to what we do & then we went off & started to do our work & then i was halfway there & i was getting help from a friend.

Next i was finish & i was showing Miss Tele’a & then she said i can blog it on to my blog post & then i was done & then showed Miss Tele’a & then you can publish it

Lastly i link it onto my Must Do’s List

I enjoyed getting help from a friend

I need work on adding more details.

James Busby & Queen Elizabeth

Today I was learning about James Busby & Queen Elizabeth.

First I made a copy of it & started on Queen Elizabeth & then I was halfway there.

Next I was finished with Queen Elizabeth’s DLO & now I was onto my James Busby & then I was half way through it.

Lastly I was finish with both of them then I asked Miss Tele’a & shared the work with her & she said I can blog it & then I started blogging them in the same blog post because she said.

I enjoyed doing the work.

I need to work on adding more details.

Detective Notebook

Today Me Micaela Ataahua was doing detective work

First Miss Tele’a was explaning what we were doing then we went off to get our chromebook & started working on it

Next Me Ataahua & Micaela was teaming up to do the work so we can get it done faster we were almost finshed doing it

Lastly we were finished Miss Tele’a told the people who were finish to come down on the mat & present your work that you have done we went first then Rayfel & Semi then Roman & Kendric & then Amrley & Dito.

I enjoyed doing the work

I need work on adding more details to my blog

Making Connections

Today me & Ataahua was working together on making connections so we can finish our work faster

First I made a copy of the work & ask if Ataahua wanted to work with me & she said yes so we started doing the work.

Next we were messing up a little bit then we actually work this time

Lastly we were done & started blogging onto my blog post

I enjoyed working with Ataahua

I need work on typing more words on my work

The Mysterious Roommate

Today Me & Ataahua are working on The Mysterious Roommate.

First we made a copy of everything that she told us to do & we work together & we finished the all of the work except for this one.

Next we were working on different slides to finish the work faster & we were almost there but it was back up time

Lastly it was the next day & Mrs A let us finished it & we did  get to finished it & we started blogging.

I enjoyed working with my best friend

I need work on showing more details in blog.

Making Predictions

Today for reading we been learning about predictions.

First we read the book that Miss Tele’a showed us & went down then we did the work together this one

Next we read wthe book and we all got turns and then she sent us off to do work.

Lastly Miss Tele’a said we can blog the work we have just done or we do the other work & then blog it.

I enjoyed working together.

I need work on adding more details.


Summarising New Boots

Today we are summrising a book called new boots.

First we had to read the story first and then pick which work you do with the book it was out out summarise or Visualise and me and micaela picked summarise.

Next we had to go down to Miss Tele’a so she can tell if we read the book or not.

Lastly Me and Micaela was blogging and finishing out other work.