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Google Form / Reading Assiment

This week for reading Miss Tele’a Assigned us a intresting task

First Miss Sinclair was explaing behalf of Miss Tele’a & then we had to a google form & then Miss Tele’a assigned us to read this book on epic & then assigned us on a quiz the quiz answer some questions to see if you read the book or not when you get it wrong it have red on the outside line & show you the correct answer.

Next when were done doing the google form & the assignment we have to go on Miss Tele’a hand it in sheet & then there will boxes & when your done you click the boxes & it will have a tick in the middle of it & then when your done you can do reading can do’s or you can blog about what you have you do

Lastly I was done blogging my intresting blog & then put it onto my reading folder so i can see it & then publish it & then linked it onto my must do list & then started working on my other work i have to finished.

I enjoyed the work that Miss Tele’a assigned for us it was really really really intresting

I need work on adding more details

Supply & Demand

This week for reading everyone in LS1 did the same one we were learning about supply & demand.

First we split into our A & B groups because we were doing HPE to so Group A went to HPE first & then we went to shotput & then after that we went to play dogtail.

Next we came back inside to switch with group B & then Miss Tele’a started explaining what we have to do & then we went off to do our reading i was finished because it was so easy.

Laslty i was done blogging & then put it onto my reading folder & then publish it to my blog & link it to my must do list

Wonder Ch 11-13

This week for reading we are finishing off our wonder book that we started a few weeks ago.

First Miss Tele’a gave us an example for what to do & then sent us off to do they work she gave us i was already starting because i like the wonder book & it is really interesting for me.

Next I was half way done through my work & then i just need to do 1 more slide then i am done 10 minutes later i am done & then i started blogging my reading i was putting the title on & then my work & then my blog caption.

Lastly i blogged it & then i put it onto my must do list & i got 164 blog post so i am really happy.

I enjoyed doing the work it was really fun

I need work on writing more details

Reserch Presentation

This week we were doing our reserch on anything that we want i was working with my buddy Hasna we were reserching rugby Here is our work.

First Miss Tele’a was telling us what to do & then she sent us off to do our reserch project & then me & Hasna was thinking really hard & then Miss Tele’a said she divided us into groups we have a time when the group time s up we go on the floor & then present say kia ora LS1 & then tell what slide you got up to.

Next we were done we made 10 slides & then we present it to our groups we got some questions but they weren’t just normal questions those are the questions that are really hard to answer but i thought & i got it.

Laslty i was done & then we showed Miss Tele’a & then stareted blogging & then i publish it put it onto my must do list & Hasna’s one.

Wonder Ch 8-10

This term in reading we are diving into a novel study for the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.  This week we are trying to understand the characteristics and personalities of key characters in the story.  We also practiced summarisation  skills by extracting relevant details from the text.We had to read Part One Chapters 8-10 which was about auggie meeting Mr Tushman & meeting new students.

Next, we used what we had read to answer our slides about the key characters.

I enjoyed sorting out the symbols

I need to improve on adding more details about the wonder book

I did well at writing the character traits


This term in reading we are diving into a novel study for the book “Wonder” by R.J. Palacio.  This week we are focusing on what we can learn about the characters, especially through their dialogue.  Characters’ thoughts and feelings can be revealed through their dialogue.  This allows readers to make inferences about their internal perspectives and motivations.

We read Part One Chapters 5-7 which was about…

Our first task was to choose dialogue from the relevant chapter and use the dialogue to infer what each of the characters’ thoughts may have been.  Here is my work : embed your Driving task.

Our second task was to imagine we are part of a welcoming committee at Beecher Prep, and create a warm and inviting poster to welcome August, the main character in the story. Our poster had to reflect the school’s values of ki.

Wonder SSR Selfie

This week for reading we were reading this book called wonder its about a boy wondering what he will be in the future we will see

First Miss Tele’a told us what to do & then sent us off to get our chromebook & start our work this work was easest on that i have done throught the year.

Next i was half way through my work so i started typing what happen in the story so far then i did the list of three words & the meaning that i wrote what happen in the story.

Lastly i was finally done & showed Miss Tele’a & then i started blogging it & then put it onto my blog i was done & then link it onto my hand it in & my must do list.

I enjoyed writng what happen in the story so far

I need work on adding more details to my work & blog

Literal Questions

This week for reading we have been revising how to use the text to answer literal questions.  Literal questions focus on the who, what, where, and when of the text.

Readers can find the answers to literal questions in the words and pictures of the text. Literal questions do not leave room for interpretation.  Practicing this will help us with our assessments this week.

I did well at highliting

I need to improve on knowing my adjectives words