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Film Review

This week in writing our task was to write a movie reflection from Manaiakalani.

The plot is about a girl who stays up late, she wakes up late and gets to school late she also can’t concentrate at all.
The characters is a class a girl, and the girls mum

I really liked this skid because the main protagonist is rhyming and because it is a really catchy song What I especially like about this skid is that it was made by year threes and it is such a good movie.

I recommend this movie because it tells kids to get some rest so your brain can have a rest. I think that this is a really good movie to watch if you like the song up the wahs.

Anger Issues

This week we were learning how to make our own book.Here is my work

First Miss Tele’a gave us example how to make a book first we started writing our blurb if you don’t know what a blurb is its is a bunch of words at the back of the book & the blurb tells you what happens in the story so far.

Next,The next day Miss Tele’a finally tell us we can do our story & Miss Tele’a said we can make a comic on pixton or write it on a google doc.I picked pixton because i love doing comics,comics are really fun to do & read.

Lastly i was done with my pixton & started blogging it i first started on putting my comic on the blog post & then started writing under it,its been a little over a minute & then showed Miss White & publish it.

I enjoyed doing the comic on pixton

I need work on adding more words & details onto my work & blog

I did good at making the comic like the blurb i wrote

Anger Issues Blurb

This week we were doing our story blurb if you don’t know what blurbs are the blurbs are the words at the back of a book & it’s telling you what the story is about. Here is my blurb

It’s already 2023 & Vika is still what she was when she was just five years old & if you wondering who Vika is she is the really mad girl people met she is an only child with split parents she find out really bad news about her parents her parents were split up because they didn’t want Vika & because they weren’t her real parents she found out her parents  were trapped in a cage for ten years from her therapist she called her friends Michael & Stokley for help. Read the book to find out what happens in the story.

Finish It

This week for writing we were learning narritive writng

First Miss Tele’a showed us what we have to do for writing she told us she wrote storys & left the ending part to us & we have to add a ending to the story.

Next we went off & started our work i half way done already because i think this was one of my favourite school work i have done yet & then i was done & then i showed Miss Tele’a & then i started blogging

Lastly i finished my blog & publish it & link it to my hand it in & then link it to the must do’s list

I enjoyed writing the endings

I need work on adding more details


This week we were learning about our tree recount

First  i made a copy of the google drawing & then started with the title.

Next i was typing the words on the side of the title.

Lastly i was done then started writing at the bottom & then showed Miss Tele’a & then i started blogging it

I enjoyed doing the work

I need work on adding more details to my work & my blog

Highlight Recount

(Amorangi)Highlight Recount

Today we were learning about a recount we are doing a recount because we are doing the stuff that we did in the past.

First Miss Tele’a was telling us we had to highlight the story that we read & then do the challanges she gave us & then she showed another recount but we can make our own story so she finished talking & then sent us off to go & get our chromebooks & then start our work.

Next i was reading the story & then got to highlighting the story words i was finish highlighting & then got to the challanges so we had to highlight the past tense verbs words in the story & then highlight the words that are adjectives.

Lastly i was done with my work & then shared my work to Miss Tele’a & Miss White & then they said i can publish it so i got to blogging do the title & then put the link to my work up & then wrote my words,i am finish with my words & then showed Miss Tele’a & she sia di can publish it & put it to my writing folder.

I enjoyed doing the challanges that Miss Tele’a set up for us in the work she did for her maths class.

I need to work on knowing my recount stucture is right all the time & knowing if my spelling is right all the time i do any work.


Review Term 3

In LS1, this term was full of exciting things like Art & PE

Thinking back on the last few months, I’m so happy about doing our Speech Writing. 

I’ve been busy with all sorts of subjects, but the best part about Term 3 for me was Split Strategy. 

When it comes to reading, my favourite text I read was Hearts.I most enjoyed reading Respond To Text . 

It was super fun, especially when I got to the persuasive writing.My favourite task in writing this term was recount  because i love doing writing work on paper & on my chromebook

In Maths, I especially enjoyed when we learnt about doing the strategy that Miss Tele’a told because if you get an hard equation you can use the strategy to help you out

For our special Inquiry experiments, I really enjoyed the ice cubes because it was melting & we had to guest which one will melt first

In P.E. (Physical Education), I had a blast participating in Multisports because we can do three different sports at the same time

I learnt how to play hockey & soccer

But you know what? I also found some areas where I can even better.  When doing reading, I need to practise to respond to text. I don’t even get the answers right. While I loved writing, I’ve noticed I need to work on adding more details to my writing & put the words that i know 

Maths was interesting, but I want to get better at doing the strategy that Miss Tele’a told us

In our special projects, I realised I need to work on writing more words in my special projects

In P.E., I think I could improve, especially in swimming because we have to get better at getting change fast & out of the pool

Looking forward to the next term, I’m excited about Film Festival


This week for writing we were learning about setting

First Miss Tele’a was giving an example with Daniels work & then we went off to get our chromebooks & do our work

Next i was done with the work & started blogging it onto my blog post i started writing my blog

Lastly i was done & published it onto my blog

I enjoyed writing it the words down

I need work on adding some more details to my work

Narrative Elements In Harry Potter

This week for Writing we have been doing Narritive Writing

First Yesterday we watch a video of the Elements Of Stories then we played Kahoot but it was questions of the video

Next we made a copy of the text then put it on the the hand it in for writing so tommorow we can do it on the first block

Lastly its tommorow then we started working on it then we were finished then we are starting to blog it & then post it on our blog

I enjoyed doing the Harry Potter story

I need work on doing the details on all of my work.