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Yesterday LS1 played a game named shot put.

Shot put is a Athletics game that’s gonna be hosted by Mrs Erasmus.

To play shot put u need to hold the ball right next to your neck and when u throw u can not throw the ball u need to release it form your grip from your hands


This week we were doing swimming for PE

First we went on the bus & then went to go to the panmure swimming pools

Next we were getting change & then we went into the pools we were doing fun activies & then it time to get out

Lastly we were all change & went on the bus & got out of the bus & then we went back in class & then finish off our inquiry



Today we did PE & For PE we did Multi Sport

First Group A went first then lined up outside with Miss Tele’a & follow her

Next we went under the Canipe then the coach explaned what we were doing it’s multisport for example the coach will call out football or hockey or tuch & call out a number out & that means how many people that comes & vs the other team

Lastly we were finished the PE & we swapped with Group B


Ki O Rahi

This week on Monday for PE we did Ki O Rahi Again

First we had to be in group i was in group A so group went first & go outside & lined up & go to the field

Next we have to put our belts on & Coach Lucas pick people to be in Red or Yellow i was in red then we started playing

Lastly we were finished & went back insaide & switched with the other half & started blogging about PE

I enjoyed playing Ki O Rahi

I need work on writing carefuly

Ki O Rahi

This week Thursday for PE we did Ki O Rahi

First We have groups to go in PE because we got a big class so Group A went first

Next so we went out and put our belts on because we all know what to do

Laslty we did a game so we have to find a kelly sports coach pick which team we are in Red Or Yellow & i was on red so we vs the yellow team i think yellow win but we had a fair game

I enjoyed playing it again

I need work on playing the game fair

Ki O Rahi

Yesterday some people in LS1 & 2 went to Ki O Rahi with Miss Morris & Miss Mat

First we went to the hall & lined up ready to go in the bus to Pt England Reserve

Next we got there & lined up infront of the person who was talking in front then we said a Karakia then started playing LS2 went first & Versesd Pt England Then it was our turn i didn’t know we were versing.We had multiple games.

Lastly This was our last game Versing Ruapotaka we lose but it was fine we left & went on the bus back to school & went into the hall & started to pack up & leave.

I enjoyed Ki O Rahi

I need work on Listening to the teacher

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