This week for Cybersmart we’ve been doing bookmarks on our chromebooks since it’s the new year we need to restart our old bookmarks & put our new bookmarks in let me show you my work.

First,We went to go & get our chromebooks & we did the work on the mat with everyone the first question was (Which student has the appropriate bookmarks). Student 1,Student 2 or Student 3 look at the bookmarks carefuly student 3 has the most appropriate bookmarks you had to write it down which student & explain why.

Next,Everybody knows what they are doing we went to our tables & finish off our work & then put it into the mahi tracker. If you don’t know what’s the mahi tracker if you been in LS1 last year it will be simallar to the must do list & f you were in Miss Tele’a group it will be like the hand it in sheet.

Lastly, I was done with the bookmark work & then put it in the mahi tracker & then Miss Tele’a said you have to do 2 blogs on your blog so if i was already finished with the bookmarks well then i will just blog them now i put the slides on the new post & started writing my caption a little while later i was done & publish it to my blog & link it to my mahi tracker.

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