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This week for Inquiry we were learning about gravity for example : When you drop your pencil you’ll know that a pencil has gravity another example would be if you were in space that has no gravity you will float so gravity is what pulls objects together. Here is my GRAVITY WORK 🙂

Final Bookmarks

For inquiry we had to put our final design for our bookmarks on the DLO so our teacher could print it for the gala so e can get people to buy our stuff for my bookmarks they are simple  designs  i had to make them like that because we couldn’t focus on our pencil cases and holders because they would take more time unlike the book marks.

I enjoyed doing the bookmarks

I need to work on being a good designer

I did will at the bookmarks


My Pencilcase

This week for Inquiry we been wokring on our design we made from last week.Here is my work

First we were finishing off our work from last week all we need to do is we put some designs we want to & then we hot glue the elastic to out design if your getting confused why i am saying our is because i was working with my friend Hasna Miss White said we have to buddy up so i picked her.

Next me & Hasna was thinking of our design we been working on for week & then we started hot glueing our desgin on our toliet paper & then Miss White said if you desgin the bottom part of your desgin come down on the mat & then she said we put in our elastic in our toliet paper.

Lastly Me & Hasna was done & then started blogging about what we all did this week & last week & then we finished blogging it & then added it on to our blog & link it onto our must do list two.

I enjoyed making the desgin with Miss White

I need to improve on adding more details to my work


Market Sign

This week for Inquiry I have been making signs for my school gala.

First I had to use proper lauguage while doing my sign. I had to write information on it explaining about it. Then I had to go into my group and decided what pencil case to chose from.

Next I had to add respectful info about the product like buy one get one free. Book marks are really helpful while reading your favorite book. LS1 book marks are really creative. “come buy bookmarks and pencil cases for low price”.

What is a Prototype ?

This week for Inquiry we are learning what is a prototype.Here is what i did.

First Miss Tele’a was asking group a what is a prototype i was thinkinh really hard until i figure i t out a prototype is a first version of a device.Miss Tele’a sent us off & then i started doing my work.Miss Tele’a said we can do it on google slides or google drawing.

Next I was done with my slides & then i started blogging i was wondering what should i write on my blog caption when i post my work onto my blog.

Laslty i am done with my blog & now i put it on to my Inquiry folder & then i link it onto my must do list & then publish my work onto my blog.


For Inquiry I designed a bookmark and a pencil case for the Gala on november 29th. All classes in this school will be selling stuff to raise school money.

First I went into my group and we designed one pencil case and one book mark.

Next I went into the slides were LS1 can put our designs in.

I enjoyed doing this task. What I did well was when I made my pencil case designs. I need to improve on my final parts on to my pencil case.

Customer Profile

This term for inquiry our topic was Enterprise. We had to add our Google Form we created in the paste to a spreadsheet we needed to do.

First we had  to answer other students form basically the student on the top and the bottom of your name was the students we had to answer their forms.  Then we had to create a spreadsheet of our responses from the students that filled it out.

Next when I finished those tasks I moved on to answer some questions on a DLO about our responses I recived.

Lastly I had answered all the question(on the DLO) Icarred on to bloging it.

I did good at answering the question but I didn’t do good at adding more detail to the DLO.

I enjoyed it because poeple answered my form.

How To Make A Google Form

This week we were learning about how to create a google form

First Miss Tele’a was telling us about the google form & then she said we had to get our chromebooks & go back on the mat because we are all doing it together.So Miss Tele’a said we had to put these in our google forms : Age,Year level,Favourite Colour & What designs would they like on the bookmark & pencilcase.

Next Miss Tele’a sent us off to our table to customize our google form & make it pretty & then she called the people that our done & said if your done share your google form to the people that are done so we can do there google form’s.

Lastly i was doing everyone google form & then i get to finish it & then i showed Miss Tele’a and she said i can blog my google form instuctions & then i started blogging it so i put the photo of the instuctions on it & then started writing my words,I finished writing my words & then put it to my Inquiry folder & then publish it.

I enjoyed doing the google form with Miss Tele’a on the mat

I need work on adding more details to my work & blog & my google form


Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori

This week we have been learning te reo maori for maori language week

First Miss White & Miss Tele’a was showing us what to do on each of the slides & then we went off to get our chromebook.

Next i was almost done to finish my work & i was done & showed it to Miss Tele’a & said i can blog it onto my blog post.

Laslty i was started blogging & writing my words & i was done & blog it & link it to my must do list.

I enjoyed doing the task Miss Tele’a set for us

I need work on adding details to my blog post