Compare & Contrast

Today for inquiry i learnt about haow to do compare & contrast

First i made a copy & started working on the work i pick the country that i wanted & look for the image of the country

Next I was half way there to finsih off the work i needed & almost there to blog it onto my blog post

Lastly i showed Miss Tele’a and started to blog it & posting it onto my blog post


Ki O Rahi

Yesterday some people in LS1 & 2 went to Ki O Rahi with Miss Morris & Miss Mat

First we went to the hall & lined up ready to go in the bus to Pt England Reserve

Next we got there & lined up infront of the person who was talking in front then we said a Karakia then started playing LS2 went first & Versesd Pt England Then it was our turn i didn’t know we were versing.We had multiple games.

Lastly This was our last game Versing Ruapotaka we lose but it was fine we left & went on the bus back to school & went into the hall & started to pack up & leave.

I enjoyed Ki O Rahi

I need work on Listening to the teacher

Making Connections

Today me & Ataahua was working together on making connections so we can finish our work faster

First I made a copy of the work & ask if Ataahua wanted to work with me & she said yes so we started doing the work.

Next we were messing up a little bit then we actually work this time

Lastly we were done & started blogging onto my blog post

I enjoyed working with Ataahua

I need work on typing more words on my work

Repeated Addition

Today for maths i have been learnin my repeated addition

First we made a copy of it & started doing the work i didn’t get it but i was getting the hang of it

Next i needed a little help so my friend Mele help me i wasn’t cheating though

Lastly i was done then i showed Miss Tele’a & i started blogging it on to my blog.

I enjoyed doing the problems

I need work on knowing my times table


Word Problem

Today I learnt word problem but maths let me show you

First Miss Tele’a told us what to do first then we went off getting our chromebooks & starting doing it

Next i was almost there to finishing it and keep on working hard

Lastly i was done & showed Miss Tele’a & she let me blog it & i started blogging & posting it onto my blog

I enjoyed doing my maths work

I need work on to write more deatils into my blog post

Arrays Poster

Today for maths we have been learning a lot & today Miss Tele’a told us to make a poster of Arrays.

First Miss Tele’a explaned what we are doing & we went off to get our chromebook.

Next I made a copy & started doing the work and half way there to finishing the work.

Lastly i finish it & started blogging & posting it onto our blog.

I enjoyed Teamworking with my friends

I need work on adding more deatails to my work.

Capacity & Volume

Today we have been learning about Capacity & Volume

First we made a copy & started working on it.

Next we were almost there by finishing it.

Lastly we have finishing it & showed Miss Tele’a & started blogging it.

I enjoyed doing the work

I need work on nothing

Effects Of Unhealthy Eating

Today for Miss Tele’a Inquiry group we have been learning about Unhealthy Eating

First we had to make a google slides of it & i group up with Cattaleya & Micaela team up to work on it.

Next we were half way there to finishing it.

Lastly we finally finish it & we started blogging it.

I enjoyed doing the work

I need work on nothing.

Hedgehogs DLO

This week we have been seeing a lot of hedgehogs.

First Miss Tele’a made a Jamboard for when we see a hedgehog we have to leave it in pieace.

Next Miss White made a google drawing of us facts & questions about hedgehogs.

Lastly I was starting on it & get to finish it then i was starting blogging it.

I enjoyed putting the images in

I need work on putting on more words on my blogs