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Care Values

This week for PB4L we were learning about the Care Values in school (Confidence, Attitude, Respect & Excellence) We had to show what each of them means (For Example) C- We have the confidence to risk sharing our work & words with other people. Here is my Mahi



This week for Cybersmart we’ve been doing bookmarks on our chromebooks since it’s the new year we need to restart our old bookmarks & put our new bookmarks in let me show you my work.

First,We went to go & get our chromebooks & we did the work on the mat with everyone the first question was (Which student has the appropriate bookmarks). Student 1,Student 2 or Student 3 look at the bookmarks carefuly student 3 has the most appropriate bookmarks you had to write it down which student & explain why.

Next,Everybody knows what they are doing we went to our tables & finish off our work & then put it into the mahi tracker. If you don’t know what’s the mahi tracker if you been in LS1 last year it will be simallar to the must do list & f you were in Miss Tele’a group it will be like the hand it in sheet.

Lastly, I was done with the bookmark work & then put it in the mahi tracker & then Miss Tele’a said you have to do 2 blogs on your blog so if i was already finished with the bookmarks well then i will just blog them now i put the slides on the new post & started writing my caption a little while later i was done & publish it to my blog & link it to my mahi tracker.

Which One Dosen’t Belong Together Kick Start / Step It Up

For the Summer Learning Journey I made a slides called Which one Doesn’t Belong. I have a challenge for your reader. At the end of my slides I made my own one for you to figure out which one doesn’t belong there. It is just not one of the shapes it all them. Once you found your answer then comment it on the comment page. Come check it out. Guess Which One Dosen’t Belong might be challanging comment on my blog so i can see your work to so i can comment on yours.


Kick Start / Step It Up Where’s Wally

This week for the Summer Learning Journey we were doing Where’s Wally everybody likes the book so we can do a fun activity but it’s gonna be different instea of Where’s Wally were going to do is Where’s Amorangi.

First Miss Tele’a & Miss White was telling us what we have to do she showed us the video & then showed us the slides & then we went off to get our chromebooks & started doing our Summer Learning Journey.

Next I was half way done onto my Summer Learning Journey & then i was finished 10 minutes later & then started blogging did my title started writing my caption for my blog & then link my work onto my blog post.

Laslty i finished writng my caption & then publish it link it onto my must do list.


Kick Start / Step It Up Ta’ovala

This week for the Summer Learning Journey on Thursday we’ve been learning about what the tongans do for funeral & celebration for what they wear.

First Miss White showed us that Miss Tele’a’s Mum record herself & explained what we have to do & then she told us that we have recreate a Ta’ovala a Ta’ovala is a where Tongan people wear at Funeral’s & Celebrations looks very pretty with cool desgins it’s like a skirt a little bit.

Next i was half way done copy & pasting the stuff so it looks like a Ta’ovala & add a top part as a square so it looks like the thing where you put around yourself so it looks like your doing a Tongan dance.

Laslty i was finished with my really pretty Ta’ovala & download it & add it to my blog wrote the title then wrote my caption for my blog then published it & then link it onto my blog.

Kick Start / Step It Up Comic Strip

This week for the Summer Learning Journey On Monday we have a really fun task

First Miss Tele’a told us we starting the Summer Learning Journey & then Miss Tele’a told us what we have to do & then Miss Tele’a said we can make this like a story of our own with cool background & people & some other cool objects matching with the background that’s really cool but we all have to register.

Next i started working on my comicstrip but is started in my Kick Start & because i am starting on my Kick Start is because you have to beacuse the step it up to make it a little challenging for you to able to finish all your Summer Learning Journey is able to get some cool prizes really really cool but very expensive.

Lastly i was done with my comic strip & then started blogging it & then link my work on to my blog & then started blogging a caption for my blog post,15 minutes later done & then publish it onto my blog & then got one point got a lot to do but worth to get cool prizes.

Groove Pizza

This week on Wednesday we were doing our Summer Learning Journey.

First Miss Tele’a was telling us what was the work we were doing on the middle block & then Miss Tele’a showed the video of what we were supposed to do & then she showed us the cool thing we have to do we have to g use Groove Pizza it is a online app when you can beats & kind of when directors for music videos when they add a beat kinda like that but different.

Next we started doing the beat online thing we i started making up some cool beats & able to finish it & then download the beat sound i made & download it onto my blog thewn started blogging.

Lastlty i finish writing my caption & then publish it & then link it on to the must do list & then put it onto the Summer Learning Journey Tuesday.