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Understanding Place Value

This week we revised what we know about place value. We also started learning about how a number can be represented in many different ways. Our task was to go on the shapes put the numbers in the boxes or squares & then at the bottom we right the numbers in words after that we but our name at the bottome & start writing when were done we start blogging it & put it on to our mahi tracker.


This term we have been revising our knowledge of decimal numbers.  This week we started our unit on Money.  Knowing your place value and decimal numbers is really important when you are using or working with money. The main point our teacher wanted us to remember this week is that 100 cents goes into 1 dollar.

Decimal Numbers

This week we were learning about decimal numbers.

First Miss Tele’a gave us an worksheet she gave us numbers in words & we have to write them in numbers & then when were finish we can link it to the hand it in & then we start on our DLO we have to show them an example of what we were doing.

Next we i was done with my DLO & then i started blogging those two work on the same blog & then i started writng the blog caption & then i finish blogging & then i blog it & then i put it on the must do list.

Lastly i was finish & went to Mrs Sinclair & she said i have to do e-ako so i went on e-ako & then i started doing it until it is lunch time.

I enjoyed doing the DLO & put the arrows on that was really fun

I need work on knowing my decimal numbers more actually a lot

Ordering Numbers

This week for Maths we had to go back and learn about Decimal’s.

First we had to get sent off from Mrs Sinclair to put it into smallest to largest.

Then we had to start from the top to make it in order.

After that we had to  check it.#

Secondly we had to tell Mrs Sinclair we were finished & what to do next.

Finally we had to do Eako.

I did will at understanding.

I enjoyed doing this.

I need to improve on not talking.

Math Can Do’s

This week in Maths we have been learning how to work independently. This means working silently,by yourself,without talking to others. Our tasks this week was to complete as many Can Do’s as possible, The minimum amount we could do,was four. I chose to do these four task :