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This week for Cybersmart we’ve been doing bookmarks on our chromebooks since it’s the new year we need to restart our old bookmarks & put our new bookmarks in let me show you my work.

First,We went to go & get our chromebooks & we did the work on the mat with everyone the first question was (Which student has the appropriate bookmarks). Student 1,Student 2 or Student 3 look at the bookmarks carefuly student 3 has the most appropriate bookmarks you had to write it down which student & explain why.

Next,Everybody knows what they are doing we went to our tables & finish off our work & then put it into the mahi tracker. If you don’t know what’s the mahi tracker if you been in LS1 last year it will be simallar to the must do list & f you were in Miss Tele’a group it will be like the hand it in sheet.

Lastly, I was done with the bookmark work & then put it in the mahi tracker & then Miss Tele’a said you have to do 2 blogs on your blog so if i was already finished with the bookmarks well then i will just blog them now i put the slides on the new post & started writing my caption a little while later i was done & publish it to my blog & link it to my mahi tracker.

Ki O Rahi

This week on Monday for PE we did Ki O Rahi Again

First we had to be in group i was in group A so group went first & go outside & lined up & go to the field

Next we have to put our belts on & Coach Lucas pick people to be in Red or Yellow i was in red then we started playing

Lastly we were finished & went back insaide & switched with the other half & started blogging about PE

I enjoyed playing Ki O Rahi

I need work on writing carefuly

Ki O Rahi

This week Thursday for PE we did Ki O Rahi

First We have groups to go in PE because we got a big class so Group A went first

Next so we went out and put our belts on because we all know what to do

Laslty we did a game so we have to find a kelly sports coach pick which team we are in Red Or Yellow & i was on red so we vs the yellow team i think yellow win but we had a fair game

I enjoyed playing it again

I need work on playing the game fair

Keywords Word Problem

This week for maths i have been learning about solving keywords word problem

First Miss Tele’a told us what to do them we went off & made a copy of the work

Next Then i was almost finish with my work & keeping on doing the hard work

Lastly i finish then started blogging on my blog post & then i was done with the work

I enjoyed Working with Lila

I need work on adding more details onto my blog post

Basic Facts Boxes

This week I did Basic Facts Boxes.

First I had to pick a subject befores putting in the answer. For example : There are +, -, x, and divisions. I picked addition because I think it’s a great way to start.

Next I had to pick a random to start with or order to start with. I picked an order to start with easy and then random to end with hard.

Lastly I had to press check to see if my answer was correct. I got 100/100 because I have been learning my basic facts while I am away from school.

I enjoyed doing Basic Facts Boxes. I did well at figuring out the answer. I need to improve on doing divisions next.

Figurative Language

This week we have been learning about figurative Language in poetry. Figurative Language is the use of non-literal phrases or words to create further meaning in writing or speech.

First we had to think about in a group what figurative language, a simile, a metaphor, a hyperbole, and an idiom is. A Simile is to figure a speech involving one thing. A metaphor is a thing regarded as something else. A hyperbole is a state or claims that are not meant to be taken literally. For example : I can eat a horse. And an idiom is a group of words by using individual words.

Next we had to write down 3 sentences using metaphors. Metaphors are non – literal. For example : Life is a highway. Her eyes were diamonds. He is a shining star.

Then we had to write down 3 similes we could use to describe this red character. The name of the movie is called turning red. For the 3 similes I wrote down. He was a red panda. She’s so fluffy like a cat and she has magic.

Afterwards, I had to choose a character to write down 3 sentences about using similes or metaphors. I picked Matilda because I think it will be awesome and fun to write about.

Lastly I had to write 4 sentences using both similes and metaphors to describe what it would feel like on a rollercoaster.

I enjoyed doing this task for writing. I did well at describing the red panda. I need to improve on writing down more similes and metaphors.


This week for PB4L we learned about Empathy.

Empathy is the ability to share someone else’s feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person’s situation – putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

First we watched a video called “Mojo discovers The Maze.” About this sotry it talkas about how mojo learns different emotions get in the way of his and team’s success.

Next we had to Contribute a Jamboard answering the questions about what we watched. For example : What did “MUM” mean when they said “we can impact how others feel”?

Lastly we had to create a poster explaining what empathy is and what it looks like in the classroom. For example : Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of other people who had a rough time or had a hard time.

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