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This week we did swimming every Thursday we have swimming our school goes diffrent time to swimming & come back & have lunch.

First we Miss White Put The Year 4 & some year 5 to go with room 5 & first they went before the boys & girls & the boys went & when they girls got there the room 5 people are going back to school.

Next when we were getting change we went out & then when we went to the pools they boys were swimming then it was our turn to swim we all had fun then we got out & get change & then it started to rain then we went on the bus going back to school.

Lastly we were running back to class cause it was raining hard out when we got back to class we had free time cause the boys & the room 5 people who were in our class was upstairs so we were watcing a movie or we were having qa game or do anything else & then the boys came down even the people who were in our class & we packed up & started finishing the movie the bell went & we all went home & had a good day.

I enjoyed swimming & getting out on the right time

I need work on listening to the teachers more i think


This week for PE we did swimming

First there were some people who went with room 5 & left to go to the pools

Next the boys were having lunch & we were still doing work then Miss Tele’a ask the girls to get change if they haven’t or ready then it was our turn to go to the pools we were tehre & we saw the boys swimming then they got change & went back to school.

Lastly ot was the girls turn to go swimming then we were done & got change & went back to school on the school bus & we have so much fun & now were doing it every week on Thursday.

I enjoyed Swimming

I need work on adding more deatails


This week we did PE with Miss Morris.

First we started team up in 3 & Miss Morris change our teams a little bit.

First we did dribble so this was a practise & it wasn’t a race so everytimes we all did it in every group we keep on doing it.

Next we we had to do burpes because someone sit down because in PE you can’t sit down before you have to do 10 burpes we had to do 20 beacause 2 people sit down.

Lastly Miss Morris said get all of the cones and balls and put them in the PE bin & ask who wants to be in the soccer team.

I enjoyed having fun

I need work on team work.


This week group A were doing  PE we did volleyball practise.

First we did some warm up Miss Morris, Miss Morris  told us to do 6 runs and do burpes in 2′ s we started from 10.

Next we did some set ups for volleyball practise we have to get in a group in between 1 and 4.

Finally we did a game of volley ball so she picked  6 people to be the leaders and 3 people go and  pick a group and vs one of the groups.

I did well on trying to keep on going even though . .I enjoyed when we were vs the other group to see who wins.I need to improve on doing more burbes.