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For Athletics we did shotput Discus and high jump

after Morning tea the seniors had too line up. after Ls2 went to high jump while Ls1 went in there A and B groups.

First group B went to discus. i was in green team. for discus we had to hold a discus and the discus was a bit heavy

Next We went to shotput. for shotput we had to throw a metal ball across. then we moved on for high jump. for high jump you had to run around and then jump over the line and not hit it.

Lasty for Athletics we did Sprinting it was year 5s then all the way to jouinrs in 3 place for year 6 boys was me.

I did well in sprints. I need to inprove in discus. i enjoyed springting and Athletics.

Interscool Athletics

This week HPE some people from LS1 went to interschool at pakuranga athletics club

First people got here before 8:30 because that si the time that we go & at 8:15 we get change into our uniform when we do sports & we go somewhere else we started getting change & started hanging out in the hall for a little bit & then we started walking down to catch the bus to pakuranga athletics club.

Next we got off the bus & then we started walking to our hill we hang out when we finish our event we were doing we got there & Miss Erasmus told us we can eat a little bit of food but i went to dicus & it was really fun after dicus i had to go straight to long jump & afters that i get to have a rest & then i had to go to shotput.

Laslty the only event i had to go to was sprinting & then i went i verse against other school & i won i was in the finals & then i came third plast but it dosen’t matter if you don’t win you just have fun & then that was it & then we left to catch our bus back to school & then we had lunch in the hall & then we can go back to class if we want to but we only have 30 minutes & then the bell rang & then we left.

I enjoy going to interschool with some of my friends in my class i had really really really fun

I need work on cheering for people when they are doing a event have great sportsmanship


This week for PE we were doing sprinting.

First Miss Tele’a said we are going to A & B groups group B went first to go out & Group A stays in & finish off our work & Miss Tele’a give us something to do.

Next Group B was done & then it was group A turn to go out & do PE we were doing sprinting & it was really tough to do.

Laslty we were done & came back in class & blogging what we were doing for HPE & then i was done blogging & putting it onto my blog & must do list.

I enjoyed running when i was doing sprinting

I need work on adding more details


This week for HPE we have been practising discus for athletics day in week 9.

First we lined up and walked to the court, we also sat on the deck outside of the hall.

Next we started streching our legs, arms, and back. We also joged across the court and back.

Lastly we did one last warmup before throwing the discus. We would touch the last line on the court and each time we ran back we touched the line infront of it. Then we threw the discus.

I enjoyed this task because I enjoy discus.

I need to improve on keeping the discus in the zone.

I was good at throwing it at a decent distance.


This week in HPE I have been sprinting, and I have been learning the proper stance for, ready, set, go.

We sprinted 3 times each. I came fourth on the first one second on the second one and trird on the third one.

We also got taught how to get ready, like our stance.

Next we did the last race of the finalists where my freind Fern and Jenisis came first and second.

Fijian Language Week

Ni sa yadra! This week is Fijian Language Week.  Our task was to create a Fiji fact file with different information about Fiji, as well as create a conversation between friends in Fijian using the phrases we have been provided with.  I have learnt that Vinaka means Thank You I have also learnt that Io means Yes.

I did well at doing the fijian file

I need to improve on adding more details 

I enjoyed this task because i get to learn how to speak fijian

i am learning some fijian words



This week we did swimming every Thursday we have swimming our school goes diffrent time to swimming & come back & have lunch.

First we Miss White Put The Year 4 & some year 5 to go with room 5 & first they went before the boys & girls & the boys went & when they girls got there the room 5 people are going back to school.

Next when we were getting change we went out & then when we went to the pools they boys were swimming then it was our turn to swim we all had fun then we got out & get change & then it started to rain then we went on the bus going back to school.

Lastly we were running back to class cause it was raining hard out when we got back to class we had free time cause the boys & the room 5 people who were in our class was upstairs so we were watcing a movie or we were having qa game or do anything else & then the boys came down even the people who were in our class & we packed up & started finishing the movie the bell went & we all went home & had a good day.

I enjoyed swimming & getting out on the right time

I need work on listening to the teachers more i think


This week for PE we did swimming

First there were some people who went with room 5 & left to go to the pools

Next the boys were having lunch & we were still doing work then Miss Tele’a ask the girls to get change if they haven’t or ready then it was our turn to go to the pools we were tehre & we saw the boys swimming then they got change & went back to school.

Lastly ot was the girls turn to go swimming then we were done & got change & went back to school on the school bus & we have so much fun & now were doing it every week on Thursday.

I enjoyed Swimming

I need work on adding more deatails


This week we did PE with Miss Morris.

First we started team up in 3 & Miss Morris change our teams a little bit.

First we did dribble so this was a practise & it wasn’t a race so everytimes we all did it in every group we keep on doing it.

Next we we had to do burpes because someone sit down because in PE you can’t sit down before you have to do 10 burpes we had to do 20 beacause 2 people sit down.

Lastly Miss Morris said get all of the cones and balls and put them in the PE bin & ask who wants to be in the soccer team.

I enjoyed having fun

I need work on team work.


This week group A were doing  PE we did volleyball practise.

First we did some warm up Miss Morris, Miss Morris  told us to do 6 runs and do burpes in 2′ s we started from 10.

Next we did some set ups for volleyball practise we have to get in a group in between 1 and 4.

Finally we did a game of volley ball so she picked  6 people to be the leaders and 3 people go and  pick a group and vs one of the groups.

I did well on trying to keep on going even though . .I enjoyed when we were vs the other group to see who wins.I need to improve on doing more burbes.