Interscool Athletics

This week HPE some people from LS1 went to interschool at pakuranga athletics club

First people got here before 8:30 because that si the time that we go & at 8:15 we get change into our uniform when we do sports & we go somewhere else we started getting change & started hanging out in the hall for a little bit & then we started walking down to catch the bus to pakuranga athletics club.

Next we got off the bus & then we started walking to our hill we hang out when we finish our event we were doing we got there & Miss Erasmus told us we can eat a little bit of food but i went to dicus & it was really fun after dicus i had to go straight to long jump & afters that i get to have a rest & then i had to go to shotput.

Laslty the only event i had to go to was sprinting & then i went i verse against other school & i won i was in the finals & then i came third plast but it dosen’t matter if you don’t win you just have fun & then that was it & then we left to catch our bus back to school & then we had lunch in the hall & then we can go back to class if we want to but we only have 30 minutes & then the bell rang & then we left.

I enjoy going to interschool with some of my friends in my class i had really really really fun

I need work on cheering for people when they are doing a event have great sportsmanship

One thought on “Interscool Athletics

  1. Kia ora amorangi,

    I really really love your hard work in making this blog.
    Congratulations on coming third place at athletics great job and love your effort.
    This reminded me of when I had athletics day at school last year but even though I didn’t come third place or second,first I still enjoyed doing it just to get some energy up and going.
    I really love your confidence in athletics and even though I’m not that confident at racing,shotput or but I still take deep breathes in.

    Keep it up Amorangi and thank you for sharing this lovely writing with me and other people.
    Also glad that you had fun and enjoy being there.

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