Kick Start / Step It Up Where’s Wally

This week for the Summer Learning Journey we were doing Where’s Wally everybody likes the book so we can do a fun activity but it’s gonna be different instea of Where’s Wally were going to do is Where’s Amorangi.

First Miss Tele’a & Miss White was telling us what we have to do she showed us the video & then showed us the slides & then we went off to get our chromebooks & started doing our Summer Learning Journey.

Next I was half way done onto my Summer Learning Journey & then i was finished 10 minutes later & then started blogging did my title started writing my caption for my blog & then link my work onto my blog post.

Laslty i finished writng my caption & then publish it link it onto my must do list.


One thought on “Kick Start / Step It Up Where’s Wally

  1. Talofa lava Amorangi,

    On the first slide I think you found the wrong Mrs Taylor. Try looking above the girl carrying all the books, do you think that might be Mrs Taylor?

    I enjoyed playing ‘Where’s Amorangi’, you were quite challenging to find at times, especially in the first one but with a bit of persistence, I did it. Yay! I like how you used a range of different settings to represent the different things you like to do in summer.

    You do a wonderful job writing descriptions for your blog post Amorangi. I challenge you to think more deeply. What did you find challenging, what did you find interesting, what did you enjoy? Try and include your own questions in your description. An example of a question you could have asked is ‘Have you ever played Where’s Wally? If so, did you enjoy it?’ This gives readers a chance to engage with your work in a meaningful way.

    Keep up the great blogging Amorangi.
    Miss Pryde

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