Google Form / Reading Assiment

This week for reading Miss Tele’a Assigned us a intresting task

First Miss Sinclair was explaing behalf of Miss Tele’a & then we had to a google form & then Miss Tele’a assigned us to read this book on epic & then assigned us on a quiz the quiz answer some questions to see if you read the book or not when you get it wrong it have red on the outside line & show you the correct answer.

Next when were done doing the google form & the assignment we have to go on Miss Tele’a hand it in sheet & then there will boxes & when your done you click the boxes & it will have a tick in the middle of it & then when your done you can do reading can do’s or you can blog about what you have you do

Lastly I was done blogging my intresting blog & then put it onto my reading folder so i can see it & then publish it & then linked it onto my must do list & then started working on my other work i have to finished.

I enjoyed the work that Miss Tele’a assigned for us it was really really really intresting

I need work on adding more details

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