Kick Start / Step It Up Ta’ovala

This week for the Summer Learning Journey on Thursday we’ve been learning about what the tongans do for funeral & celebration for what they wear.

First Miss White showed us that Miss Tele’a’s Mum record herself & explained what we have to do & then she told us that we have recreate a Ta’ovala a Ta’ovala is a where Tongan people wear at Funeral’s & Celebrations looks very pretty with cool desgins it’s like a skirt a little bit.

Next i was half way done copy & pasting the stuff so it looks like a Ta’ovala & add a top part as a square so it looks like the thing where you put around yourself so it looks like your doing a Tongan dance.

Laslty i was finished with my really pretty Ta’ovala & download it & add it to my blog wrote the title then wrote my caption for my blog then published it & then link it onto my blog.

2 thoughts on “Kick Start / Step It Up Ta’ovala

  1. Kia ora Amorangi,

    You have done a great job explaining the task and also explaining what a Ta’ovala is. I did not know it was something Tongan’s wore to funerals. It is so important to include information like that because now lots of people will read your blog and will have learnt something new just like me. Do you know why Tongans wear them to funerals? Is there a special reason behind it or is it just tradition?

    I do really like your design, I like your choice of colours and the pattern you went with. Did you choose those colours to match the Tongan colours? I can picture someone wearing that and it is very beautiful.

    Remember to include questions in your blog posts Amorangi, that way people can engage with you in the comments easily.

    Great work on your blog post, keep up the good work.
    Miss Pryde

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