My Pencilcase

This week for Inquiry we been wokring on our design we made from last week.Here is my work

First we were finishing off our work from last week all we need to do is we put some designs we want to & then we hot glue the elastic to out design if your getting confused why i am saying our is because i was working with my friend Hasna Miss White said we have to buddy up so i picked her.

Next me & Hasna was thinking of our design we been working on for week & then we started hot glueing our desgin on our toliet paper & then Miss White said if you desgin the bottom part of your desgin come down on the mat & then she said we put in our elastic in our toliet paper.

Lastly Me & Hasna was done & then started blogging about what we all did this week & last week & then we finished blogging it & then added it on to our blog & link it onto our must do list two.

I enjoyed making the desgin with Miss White

I need to improve on adding more details to my work


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