How To Make A Google Form

This week we were learning about how to create a google form

First Miss Tele’a was telling us about the google form & then she said we had to get our chromebooks & go back on the mat because we are all doing it together.So Miss Tele’a said we had to put these in our google forms : Age,Year level,Favourite Colour & What designs would they like on the bookmark & pencilcase.

Next Miss Tele’a sent us off to our table to customize our google form & make it pretty & then she called the people that our done & said if your done share your google form to the people that are done so we can do there google form’s.

Lastly i was doing everyone google form & then i get to finish it & then i showed Miss Tele’a and she said i can blog my google form instuctions & then i started blogging it so i put the photo of the instuctions on it & then started writing my words,I finished writing my words & then put it to my Inquiry folder & then publish it.

I enjoyed doing the google form with Miss Tele’a on the mat

I need work on adding more details to my work & blog & my google form


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