Wonder SSR Selfie

This week for reading we were reading this book called wonder its about a boy wondering what he will be in the future we will see

First Miss Tele’a told us what to do & then sent us off to get our chromebook & start our work this work was easest on that i have done throught the year.

Next i was half way through my work so i started typing what happen in the story so far then i did the list of three words & the meaning that i wrote what happen in the story.

Lastly i was finally done & showed Miss Tele’a & then i started blogging it & then put it onto my blog i was done & then link it onto my hand it in & my must do list.

I enjoyed writng what happen in the story so far

I need work on adding more details to my work & blog

One thought on “Wonder SSR Selfie

  1. Talofa Amorangi,
    Great work reading independently. I am looking forward to your contribution to discussion once we get deeper into our novel study.

    What are you predicting might happen in this story?

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