Month: July 2023


This week we did swimming every Thursday we have swimming our school goes diffrent time to swimming & come back & have lunch.

First we Miss White Put The Year 4 & some year 5 to go with room 5 & first they went before the boys & girls & the boys went & when they girls got there the room 5 people are going back to school.

Next when we were getting change we went out & then when we went to the pools they boys were swimming then it was our turn to swim we all had fun then we got out & get change & then it started to rain then we went on the bus going back to school.

Lastly we were running back to class cause it was raining hard out when we got back to class we had free time cause the boys & the room 5 people who were in our class was upstairs so we were watcing a movie or we were having qa game or do anything else & then the boys came down even the people who were in our class & we packed up & started finishing the movie the bell went & we all went home & had a good day.

I enjoyed swimming & getting out on the right time

I need work on listening to the teachers more i think

Scientist Infographic

This week for Inquiry we did Scientist Inforgraphic

First Miss Tele’a gave us an example for what we do for our work

Next We started on it & i was almost halfway there i showed Miss Tele’a & Then She Just Said  i need to fix uo why is he famous for & then i fix it up & showed her again & then Put by amorangi in it

Lastly I started blogging it onto my blog post & i think this is the bestest work i ever done & it was really fun

I enjoyed doing the work because it was really fun

I need to improved on copy & paste the work on google & i need to know what it means because they will think that i am that smart.


This week for PE we did swimming

First there were some people who went with room 5 & left to go to the pools

Next the boys were having lunch & we were still doing work then Miss Tele’a ask the girls to get change if they haven’t or ready then it was our turn to go to the pools we were tehre & we saw the boys swimming then they got change & went back to school.

Lastly ot was the girls turn to go swimming then we were done & got change & went back to school on the school bus & we have so much fun & now were doing it every week on Thursday.

I enjoyed Swimming

I need work on adding more deatails

Swimming Expectations

This week for PB4L we were doing our swimming expectations because we got swimming tomorrow

First Miss Tele’a gave us an example fir what we do first

Next we went off & started doing the work so first we did the jamboard work then i was working on my expectations then i was almost done still trying to finish it off.

Lastly i was done then started blogging my work onto my blog post.

I enjoyed doing the writing part

I need work on making it prettier.

Adding Using An Algorithm

This week we Cattaleya & I learnt about Alcorithm

First we our work that we were supposed to do first & then we were on this.

Next we were doing the words & decorations then was almost finshed

Lastly we were finish then we started blogging it onto our blog post

I enjoyed teaming up with Cattaleya for doing the work

I need work on doing more deatils on it for sure

Narrative Elements In Harry Potter

This week for Writing we have been doing Narritive Writing

First Yesterday we watch a video of the Elements Of Stories then we played Kahoot but it was questions of the video

Next we made a copy of the text then put it on the the hand it in for writing so tommorow we can do it on the first block

Lastly its tommorow then we started working on it then we were finished then we are starting to blog it & then post it on our blog

I enjoyed doing the Harry Potter story

I need work on doing the details on all of my work.