Review of Bar Graphs

This week for Maths I learned about Review of Bar Graph.

A Review of Bar Graph is a type of bars that display the value for a particular category of data.

First I had to use a bar graph to answer the questions. For example: How many comic books did Holly read?. The answer will be 7 because on the bar graph it shows you the height of how much people have did.

Next I had to use another bar graph saying “The bar graph shows the number of minutes Meilani spent working on a puzzle”. The question was “Meilani spent 22 minutes working on the puzzle”. The answer will be on Wednesday.

Lastly I had to finish up the work & had to share these slides with Miss Tele’a once you are finished so she can mark them. For example : Miss Tele’a will mark the the first slide to see if it’s correct.

I enjoyed learning about Bar Graph. I did well at answering the question. I need to improve on adding more detials to it.

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