Place Value

This week we are learning place value for maths and we are doing are ones tens and hundred to figure out the problem.Here is my work.

First I learn my ones tens and hundred and i learn my number form,word form and Base ten name.

Next I learn my sticker collection elizabith and joanne has a bunch of stickers and we need to find out who has the most joanne has the most he has 46 stickers and add 4 more and that makes 50.

Lastly my Place Value and Representing Numbers it is one hundreds tens and ones simallar to the base ten name hundreds are little cubes that goes up to one hundred ten are just cubes again that builds up to ten and one cube is just one cube.

I enjoy this task beacuse it was fun. I did well at Matching up the numbers. I need to improve my Place Value and Representing Numbers .


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