Month: May 2023

Capacity & Volume

Today we have been learning about Capacity & Volume

First we made a copy & started working on it.

Next we were almost there by finishing it.

Lastly we have finishing it & showed Miss Tele’a & started blogging it.

I enjoyed doing the work

I need work on nothing

Hedgehogs DLO

This week we have been seeing a lot of hedgehogs.

First Miss Tele’a made a Jamboard for when we see a hedgehog we have to leave it in pieace.

Next Miss White made a google drawing of us facts & questions about hedgehogs.

Lastly I was starting on it & get to finish it then i was starting blogging it.

I enjoyed putting the images in

I need work on putting on more words on my blogs

LS1 Classroom Rules

This week we were learnig about our classroom rules because are behaveor are really bad so that’s why we are doing this.

First Miss Tele’a was explaning what to do & then she sent us off & we started doing it.

Next i was doing the title & started doing the words then I get to finished it.

Lastly i was started blogging it & writing my blog post.

I enjoyed writng & helping people with the work.

I need work writng more details.

The Mysterious Roommate

Today Me & Ataahua are working on The Mysterious Roommate.

First we made a copy of everything that she told us to do & we work together & we finished the all of the work except for this one.

Next we were working on different slides to finish the work faster & we were almost there but it was back up time

Lastly it was the next day & Mrs A let us finished it & we did  get to finished it & we started blogging.

I enjoyed working with my best friend

I need work on showing more details in blog.

Making Predictions

Today for reading we been learning about predictions.

First we read the book that Miss Tele’a showed us & went down then we did the work together this one

Next we read wthe book and we all got turns and then she sent us off to do work.

Lastly Miss Tele’a said we can blog the work we have just done or we do the other work & then blog it.

I enjoyed working together.

I need work on adding more details.



This week we did PE with Miss Morris.

First we started team up in 3 & Miss Morris change our teams a little bit.

First we did dribble so this was a practise & it wasn’t a race so everytimes we all did it in every group we keep on doing it.

Next we we had to do burpes because someone sit down because in PE you can’t sit down before you have to do 10 burpes we had to do 20 beacause 2 people sit down.

Lastly Miss Morris said get all of the cones and balls and put them in the PE bin & ask who wants to be in the soccer team.

I enjoyed having fun

I need work on team work.

Food Groups

This week Me & Hasna we were learning about the 5 different types of food

First we were doing different foods so we can get our work done faster.

Next we were writing what it means of define it.

Lastly we finished it & started blogging it.

I enjoyed team work with Hasna.

I need work on different type of word means.

Weighing Scales

This week me & Cattaleya  learnt about weighing scales.

First Miss Tele’a explain what we are doing & then we went off and make a copy.

Next me & Cattaleya & Maded a copy and start doing the work.

Lastly we did each slide and finish it & started blogging it.

I enjoyed doing work with Cattaleya.

I need work on adding more deatails again.